Socioeconomics of Energy


Main Lines of Investigation:
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  • Research in Socioeconomic Analysis in Energy and sustainability: 
    • Socio-economic studies in the field of energy and natural resources
    • Energy Poverty and Vulnerable Consumers
    • Energy markets and climate finance
    • Analysis and calculation of economic and financial impact of renewable energy
    • Research in Feasibility and impact analysis of investments in the energy field
    • LCC: Life Cycle Costing
    • EMA: Environmental Management Accounting
    • MFCA: Material Flow Cost Accounting
    • Characterization and measurement through multi-sector indicators
    • EXTERNALITY calculation methodology
    • Application of the employment impact methodologies
    • Research of collaborative environments in the Science, Technology and Society System
    • Analysis of innovative energy technologies to reduce emissions in companies and Accountabilityphoto2
  • Innovation research for sustainability in Business and Eco-innovation.
  • R&D in measurement systems, design and application of indicators in the energy field.
  • R&D for the evaluation of energy aspects in environmental and development projects.
  • Socioeconomic analysis in the use of resources and its relationship with the territory.
  • Design and application of impact analysis methodologies.
  • Actions aimed at the end user in international and cooperation projects
  • Research in technologies to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere through capture, storage and transport.
    • Research on Sustainable Urban Mobility
    • Investigation of the social and economic impact associated with mobility
    • Design of calculation and analysis tools for the impact of mobility
    • Socio-economic studies on the implementation of electric mobility and its supply networks.
    • Analysis of the energy and socio-economic impact associated with different integrated mobility strategies.
  • Eco-innovation and Sustainability 
    • Circular Economy
    • Investigation of "green" sectors.
    • Social and economic impact of eco-efficiency and energy efficiency.
    • Development of eco-innovation measurement analysis tools.
    • Design and analysis of macro-indicators and bike
    • Characterization of sectors for the analysis of energy and socio-economic impact.