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CIRCE Building

The CIRCE-Institute headquarters is a bio-construction and sustainability model, and a portal for the latest technologies and eco-efficiency and energy saving advances.

It has been built using low ecological footprint materials and it is a Zero Emissions building throughout the Life Cycle, respectful with the environment and an example for the architecture of the future.

The building is in itself an R + D + i laboratory and it pretends to set cutting-edge scientific-technological bases worldwide for the development of Zero Emission Buildings, integrating bioconstruction techniques, in addition to energy, water, materials saving and renewables. Its aim is obtaining the maximum efficiency from the available resources, without reducing thermal comfort.

CIRCE- Institute building was inaugurated in July 2010 and it has been financed by the EU through ERDF funds within the framework of the 2006-2012 University of Zaragoza Infrastructure Plan and co-financed by the Government of Aragon.

Edificio CIRCE Simulación edificio