Representación del Instituto en la conferencia Vehicle inspection and society beyond technology organizada por CITA y Spanish Presidency of the Council of the EU

Jointly hosted by CITA and the Spanish Presidency of the Council of the EU, this event explored the multifaceted dimensions of vehicle inspection, pushing beyond just the technological considerations to unravel its societal and environmental significance. In fact, this collaboration demonstrated the growing importance of vehicle inspections, not only in terms of technological advancements but also its broader implications for society.

Key players from various facets of the industry graced the event, including Mr. Gerhard MÜLLER, the CITA President, and María José MUÑOZ MARTÍNEZ, the Director General for Industry and SME Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism from Spain.

The event was a success thanks also to the active participation of Guillermo MAGAZ PILAR, Managing Director of AECA-ITV; Sergio OLIETE JOSA, Head of Unit, Transport & Urban Development from DG INTPA – EU Commission; Ricardo SUÁREZ BERTOA, Scientific Officer at the Joint Research Centre (JRC) – EU Commission; Victor SALVACHÚA BARCELÓ, Vice President – New Technologies Development from APPLUS+; Macarena FERNÁNDEZ RIVERA, Technical and Operational Director from VEIASA; and Eugenio FERNÁNDEZ CÁCERES, Inspection Site Manager from ITEVELESA.